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Benefits of Gunite Swimming Pools

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Several options exist for the design of a backyard pool. Swimming pools made of gunite are common because they are long-lasting, and you can mold them into virtually any design. Gunite swimming pools’ adaptability extends beyond simply their aesthetic flexibility.

Benefits of Gunite Swimming Pools

Gunite pools come in a number of finishes, so their owners can find one that works with their existing patio furniture. There is a wide selection of plaster colors and textures to choose from. This means finding one that goes with your pool deck should be easy. Pebble and glass finishes can give your pool a one-of-a-kind, high-end appearance. Furthermore, gunite pools can add extras like waterfalls and bespoke steps at the homeowner’s request. Because of the material’s adaptability, you may design a pool that fits your needs and budget.

Why do people prefer gunite swimming pools?

Very high standards of beauty

Since gunite swimming pools are so versatile, you can mold them into any shape imaginable. Gunite is a popular material in constructing the vast majority of the world’s best pools. Installing a gunite swimming pool is one way to turn your backyard into a luxurious retreat.


A gunite pool will not need replacing for many years. To a greater extent than other materials, gunite pools can withstand the test of time. However, gunite pools are only as long-lasting as the care given to them. It’s safe to assume that a gunite pool will last for at least seven years. However, you will need to resurface the pool after several years of use.

Customization is a breeze

Unlike vinyl and fibreglass alternatives, there are no constraints on the design of a gunite pool. You can customize gunite swimming pools depending on your preferences. Also, you can install various water features in a gunite pool.

Tips on Caring for Your Gunite Pool

Despite their many advantages, gunite pools require regular upkeep. Certain procedures are essential for keeping a gunite pool in good condition. Below, we will examine a few of these methods in more detail.

Clean the pool

The cleanliness of a concrete pool can degrade with repeated use. It is, therefore, necessary to periodically clean the pool. Remove large pieces of trash or dirt from the pool using a skimmer net.

Use a robotic cleaner to remove even the tiniest particles of filth from the pool’s water. Ensure your pool filter is on for at least 6–8 hours daily. Pool filters have the job of removing any bacteria and other potentially hazardous organisms from the water. Scrubbing the pool every so often can keep it clean and free of grime.

Maintain a healthy filter

The filter in your pool is what cleans the water of the tiniest bits of debris. Thus, you should maintain it well to maximize its performance. Cleaning the cartridge is one method for accomplishing this. When dirt accumulates on the cartridge, backwashing the pool is an effective way to get rid of it. Reversing the water flow is known as backwashing. This method removes any debris that has accumulated on the filter.

Pool inspection

If you’re worried about the pool’s health, it’s best to call in an expert for an inspection. The pool technician you hire will inspect the pool and report back on any damage they find. Be sure to look for leaks at this time as well. After years of usage, a gunite pool may develop cracks that allow water to flow. Keep in mind that leaks can cause serious damage to the pool’s underlying structure. Thus, it is essential to investigate and mend these fissures without delay.

Water chemistry needs to be balanced

Maintaining a healthy chemical balance in your gunite pool is another important part of keeping it in tip-top shape. It’s essential that you maintain the pH level of your gunite pool accurately. Most pool water should be pH neutral. If the pH of your pool water is too high, you can bring it down to neutral with muriatic acid. If, however, the pH of your pool water is too low, you can raise it by adding sodium bicarbonate.

Take care to maintain precise water levels

The water level in your pool can drop gradually over time. This takes place because of evaporation caused by the sun’s heat. In order for your skimmers to do their job effectively, you must ensure there is always enough water in the system. This step might not even be necessary if your home’s water supply is automatically metered. If you ever find yourself in need of additional water, though, a garden hose makes that a breeze. When adding water, it is essential to balance the chemicals.

Benefits of Gunite Swimming Pools

Start up the pump

The pool pump needs to be on continuously. For the pool to function properly, the equipment needed to maintain its temperature and filtration system must be on for anywhere from eight to twenty-four hours every day. Pumps in swimming pools help keep the water moving around the structure efficiently. If the pool’s pump is not running, the water can become stagnant.


For more than 30 years, Aqua Guard Pools has provided clients with stunning gunite swimming pools of the highest quality. We will work with you closely throughout the designing, building, and installation of your one-of-a-kind gunite pool that perfectly suits your tastes, needs, property, and budget. Contact us today!

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