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Creating The Perfect Backyard Resort

Creating the perfect backyard resort starts with having the ideal backyard amenities that make outdoor living exceptional. Quite frequently when we get asked to discuss a pool remodeling project or pool installation, the rest of the backyard becomes an afterthought to the homeowner in comparison to the importance of the pool. We try to remind homeowners that a pool is meant to compliment the overall aesthetic of the backyard, not completely dominate it. Consequently there is definitely some suggestions that we have for creating the perfect backyard resort and any backyard remodeling project involving a swimming pool. This involves calculating other variables into your design plan other than the pool itself.

Outdoor Living - Pool Area Design Firepit
Complete the look these great tips for creating a backyard resort.

Complete The Look In Your Pool Installation Project & Create The Ultimate Backyard Resort

  1. Remember The Rest of The Yard – Everyone loves a completed pool area. Not accounting for how much space you have in both your budget and your yard to build the ideal look you are going for can cause frustration. It’s important to have realistic expectations from the outset.
  2. Save Room In The Budget – Many times homeowners go overboard on tricking out options for the swimming pool without leaving enough room in the budget for other outdoor amenities that they don’t realize are essential for completing the look of their backyard resort.
  3. Build a Spa At The Same Time – As the saying goes in the pool industry, a jackhammer makes a pool eraser. If you are thinking of adding on a spa to your pool later down the road, it’s wise to do it during your initial pool construction. It could save you thousands of dollars.
  4. Find a Pool Builder – One that understands your vision and what you ultimately want your backyard to look like. This could involve getting several bids and really doing your homework. It’s smart to get a few different estimates so that you can compare notes and prices.
  5. Amenities Add Value – Outdoor amenities like a Pergola, Fire Pit, Outdoor Kitchen, and finished deck really complete the look in your backyard resort and add tremendous value to the home.

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