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Pool Remodeling That You Probably Didn’t Know Was Possible

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If you have a pool in your backyard, a refreshing swim on a scorching summer day can be immensely refreshing. But when your pool no longer looks its best, pool remodeling becomes a top priority. This post will discuss some surprising possibilities for your upcoming project you might not know existed!

Why Would You Consider a Pool Remodel? 

Before we discuss various pool remodeling options, let’s first address why remodeling might be necessary in the first place. Here are a few reasons you may be considering a fresh update: 

Outdated pool

Have you installed your pool years ago, and it needs to be updated? Remodeling can give your pool a modernized appearance.

Structural issues 

Over time, swimming pools may develop structural issues that must be addressed. Remodeling can resolve these problems and make the pool safer to use.

Additional features 

Are you looking to add features like a hot tub, water slide, or diving board to your pool? Remodeling will make that possible!

Saving money 

Older pools tend to be less energy-efficient than newer models. Remodeling can make your pool more cost-efficient, saving money on utility bills.

Ideas For Your Pool Remodel 

Now that we’ve covered why remodeling your pool might be necessary let’s explore some options you should know.

Create a Beach Entry

A beach entry is a sloping entryway into your pool that evokes the look and feel of a beach, making access more convenient. Instead of stairs, walk straight into your pool. 

These entries are perfect for families with young children as they make getting in and out easier. This option is visually appealing and adds an air of resort-like luxury.

Install a Waterfall

Choose the Right Pool Pump for Your Backyard Pool

A waterfall can add visual interest and relaxation sounds to your backyard oasis. Waterfalls come in all forms, from natural rock formations to more modern geometric designs. These features can even be combined with grottos or slides for more enjoyment!

Include Fire Features

Adding fire features like fire bowls or pits may create drama and excitement in your pool area. They make a warm, inviting ambiance for entertaining guests or unwinding with family members.

Upgrade or Replace Your Pool Deck

Your pool deck surrounds your pool, where people lounge, sunbathe, and entertain. If it has seen better days or is no longer functional for you, replace it! Many different materials exist, such as stamped concrete, pavers, and natural stone, which you could use for your upcoming remodel.

Upgrade Your Pool Finish

Does your pool’s finish need to be updated? Updating its finish could breathe new life into it. There are numerous finishes to choose from, such as pebble, tile, and plaster, that could give it a whole new look and feel.

Install a Swim-Up Bar 

For those who enjoy entertaining, add a swim-up bar to their pool area. A swim-up bar allows guests to enjoy cold drinks without leaving the pool, creating the illusion of luxury resort living.

Add Lighting 

Lighting your pool at night can create an enchanting ambiance, from LED and fiber optic options to floating pool lights. In addition, lighting may increase safety as night falls, making your pool safer to use.

Convert Your Pool to Saltwater

Are you tired of dealing with harsh chlorine-based pools? Switching over to saltwater could be just what you need! A saltwater generator converts salt into chlorine that’s gentler on skin and eyes compared to traditional chlorine pools, plus they require much less maintenance overall.

Install a Swim Jet System 

A swim jet system is ideal for serious swimmers or those seeking an excellent pool workout. These jets create currents within your pool that enable you to swim laps effectively; think of it as having your own lap pool!

Add a Sun Shelf

A sun shelf is a shallow area in your pool where you can relax in the water and take in some much-needed vitamin D from the sunshine. It’s like having a mini beach right in your backyard! Sun shelves make great relaxing spots for families with young children or anyone seeking an area to unwind and recharge their batteries.

Tips For Your Pool Remodel 

Pool Excavation
Pool Excavation

Finding the ideal pool remodeling options may seem like a daunting task, so here are a few key points to keep in mind when making your choice:

Your Budget

Some pool remodeling options cost more than others, so make sure they fit your budget constraints.

Think About Style and Aesthetic

Consider what style and aesthetic you would like for your pool area. Do you prefer modern or more traditional? Resort-like or personal oasis-esque?

Your Needs

Consider what will best serve your family when selecting pool remodeling options. Do you have small children that would benefit from having access to the beach entry, or do you like entertaining frequently and require a swim-up bar? Timelines for remodeling pool projects vary significantly, so make sure your chosen options fit your timeline.

Start Your Pool Remodel Today 

Remodeling your backyard oasis through pool remodeling is an excellent way to breathe life into it and add an entirely new experience. With numerous options available to you, there’s no excuse for settling for a pool that has outlived its usefulness or functionality . Whether that means adding features such as a beach entry or swim-up bar or simply upgrading the finish, there’s bound to be something perfect waiting for you in this pool remodeling journey. 

So don’t delay; contact us at Aquaguard Pools to start planning and realizing your backyard’s full potential! 

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