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Remodeling Tips and Tricks: Reasons You Should Look into Remodeling

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Could your pool use some new features? How tight is your budget? In case you need remodeling tips and tricks for your pool, Aqua Guard Pools is here to help. Some of the most fun that a family can have together is in their own pool. Having a pool in your backyard is a fun way to spend your free time and adds value to your home. For both practicality and beauty, a modern and fully functional pool is essential. Some minor renovations can increase the value of your pool significantly.

Remodeling Tips and Tricks: Reasons You Should Look into Remodeling

Remodeling tips and tricks

No “Wow” Factor

Having a pool is useless if you don’t use it. You may not want to use it or feel ashamed to have guests use it if you are unhappy with its appearance. One of the most obvious symptoms that your pool needs remodeling is when you no longer want to use it, even though nothing is actually wrong with it.

When you remodel your pool, you may be able to install all of the aesthetic additions or water features you had originally planned to install when you first constructed the pool but postponed until now. When you remodel a pool, you can add things like new lighting, different levels, and waterfalls.

Eco-Friendly Choices

If your pool is less energy efficient than you’d like it to be, or if its efficiency diminishes, a makeover can bring it up to par with current trends toward sustainability.

Including eco-friendly features in your pool design makes a statement about your commitment to the environment. It also significantly cuts down on the cost of maintenance. For instance, you can reduce the cost by adding ozone sterilization.

Poor Energy Efficiency

The pool’s design may be problematic if it doesn’t allow adequate water circulation. It’s also possible for filters and other essential components to need to be updated. Your pool doesn’t have to be a financial drag on your household if you plan a renovation carefully.

Outdated Safety Features

The pools of yesteryear lacked modern precautions against potential dangers. Several features are used in today’s pools to help keep swimmers safe. A barrier surrounding the pool deck and a deeper shallow end are only two examples of these extra safety elements. It is money well spent if it can avert disaster.

This can be especially comforting if you frequently have young children in the pool or have guests over.

Rough Surface                                     

Pool surfaces deteriorate over time due to the water’s pH and general wear and tear. The pool needs remodeling if the surfaces are rough and hurt your feet.

Pool renovation specialists can easily resurface the area. This makes it smooth and pleasant to walk on once more. A pool professional removes the rough spots and scrapes the surface to make it smooth.

It’s probably time to resurface the pool if it’s been a while since construction, as the surface will only get rougher with age.

Damaged pool walls

Pool wall damage can lead to a number of problems, including leaks and potential health and safety hazards for swimmers. Plaster deterioration from prolonged contact with pool water and chemicals is a common cause of wall failure in swimming pools. On the other hand, in some cases, the fast deterioration could be due to poor building materials.

Trouble Keeping the Water Clean

If your pool is old or damaged, it may leak plaster chips or other materials into the water. Maintaining clean pool water becomes problematic, if not impossible, if this occurs frequently. Resolving structural issues that are likely hurting water quality and clarity through a rebuild will increase the likelihood that your pool will seem attractive and clean on a more consistent basis.

Filtration/Plumbing problems

It is time to renovate your pool if you have plumbing problems. A decline in water filtration efficiency, leaks, or clogged pipes are all examples of such problems. These issues can cause serious problems for your maintenance budget. They could cause lasting harm to your pool if not addressed.

As a swimming pool ages, plumbing issues can quickly mount up and require more frequent attention. Those issues will be gone, and you’ll save money if you remodel your pool.

Frequent Repairs

Minor maintenance and even the occasional major repair are to be expected with any pool. However, if repairs are becoming more frequent and expensive, redesigning the pool may be more cost-effective than continuing to make repairs. During a makeover, professionals can repair any defects or faults that are causing constant maintenance.

Remodeling Tips and Tricks: Reasons You Should Look into Remodeling

Outdated Design

What was cutting edge in terms of pool design ten or so years ago may look antiquated today. In the same way, your tastes may have evolved with time. This makes you feel that your pool’s current design is no longer up to par. If you hire a professional pool remodeler, you can give your pool a facelift that will make it look modern and attractive.

Remodeling tips and tricks

Don’t settle for a pool that has lost its luster, safety, charm, or functionality. If you’ve seen any of the issues above with your pool and think it might be time to remodel, contact a reputable local pool remodeler, such as Aqua Guard Pools, to discuss your choices. You’ll also get some beneficial remodeling tips and trips. Now is the time to get in touch with us!

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