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Swimming Pool Remodeling: How to Reimagine Your Swimming Pool

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Although summer is over, now is the best time to plan a makeover for your pool. Whether you intend to sell your house, have recently moved into a place with an outdated pool, or want to give yours a facelift, a swimming pool remodeling project can make a significant difference in how it looks.

Swimming Pool Remodeling: How to Reimagine Your Swimming Pool

When you hire Aqua Guard Pools to remodel your current pool, we’ll be there every step of the way, ready to implement your ideas and address any issues.

Swimming Pool Remodeling Project That Requires Instant Attention

There are some repairs that need addressing any time of year, even when you close the pool for the winter. A few examples of urgent swimming remodeling tasks include:

Major tile and coping

While a few broken tiles here and there are no cause for alarm, a widespread loss of coping or tiles necessitates an immediate investigation into its cause. It’s possible that you have a leak that has yet to be discovered, that you’ve had some natural disaster-related damage, or that you’re using outdated or subpar materials.

Pool leaks

Once you notice your pool is losing water, it’s critical to pinpoint its exact position. After that, you determine what’s causing the problem as soon as possible. If you don’t fix a leak, it could cause serious damage to your home or business and cost a lot to fix. A minor leak has the potential to grow into a large one, putting the stability and safety of your pool at risk. If the leak impacts the pipes that supply your pool, corrosion may set in. Muddy patches on the ground can be due to an overabundance of water, which poses a slipping hazard and provides a breeding ground for insects. Call us as soon as you see a leak.


What was once cutting-edge a decade ago may look antiquated and out of place today. If the pool, often the centerpiece of your home, is worn and outdated, the entire property may suffer. By updating it, you can keep your pool looking modern and attractive, and you’ll also be giving the rest of your property a lift. A swimming pool remodeling project is a great way to get the most out of your home improvement investments.

More Staycations

Traveling the world has its perks but can also be a major source of anxiety and financial strain. And let’s be honest: there’s no place like home for unwinding. If you have a pool, staying at home instead of traveling can be a terrific way to relax, save money, and avoid the hassles of traveling. And if you have kids, staycations are a great way to provide them with good childhood experiences without breaking the bank. If you’re planning a staycation, you may make the most of your pool by remodeling it to make it more attractive and inviting.

A malfunctioning cleaning, maintenance, or filter system

The summer months strain your pool’s filter, maintenance, and cleaning systems as you prepare it for swimming. To keep algae, pollutants, and trash from taking over your pool, you must act quickly if any of these systems stop working right or the whole system breaks down.

You can save money on more extensive swimming pool remodeling if you keep up with routine maintenance and replace worn parts of your pool as they age.

Common Types of Pool Remodels

Changing your pool’s design can be done in a variety of ways. While you should create a unique plan for your pool, you can get some inspiration by studying other recently remodeled pools.

Swimming Pool Remodeling: How to Reimagine Your Swimming Pool

Here are a few of the most popular options for swimming pool remodeling:

  • Revamping the pool’s outdoor space
  • The addition of fire pits and sun shelves will help tremendously.
  • Customizing the pool’s flooring by using a variety of tiles
  • Color-changing LED lighting installations
  • Installing a waterfall or fountain
  • Building a relaxing spa
  • Remodeling the coping and deck
  • The possibilities for altering the form are virtually endless.
  • The installation of a diving board or slide

Hire swimming pool remodeling experts

Aqua Guard Pools is the go-to swimming pool remodeling company, whether you want to extend your existing pool or build a brand new one from the ground up. When you need help, you can count on us for knowledgeable and trustworthy assistance. As a result, we are frequently considered a top option by local homeowners when they need a dependable service provider to carry out high-quality swimming pool remodeling services. What sets us apart from the competition is that we provide a pool remodeling service of the highest professional and technical quality. Contact us today!

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