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Trends That Are Taking Over Backyard Pools

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It can be challenging to schedule vacation time. Thus, the idea of installing backyard pools is gaining popularity among homeowners. By doing so, they’ll be able to have luxurious vacations right in their own backyard.

Trends That Are Taking Over Backyard Pools

Instead of a rectangular, white pool, you can consider a wide variety of aesthetics, sizes, shapes, and even accessories. We have seen a number of unique trends that have truly made pools innovative and adaptable. The backyard pool is quickly becoming a year-round retreat, and in this article, we’ll explore some of the latest trends that are taking over backyard pools.

Here are some trends that are taking over backyard pools.

Ledge Loungers

A vacation isn’t complete without at least one day spent lazing on a ledge lounger with your feet in the pool. A ledge lounger is a great way to unwind because you can soak up some rays without leaving the pool.

Built-in Bar

Most people install a pool in their backyard so they can unwind there. Backyard pools with built-in bars are all the rage these days. There’s no better way to unwind than with a built-in bar and a few drinks with your partner or loved ones. The beauty of a built-in bar is that it can be designed in any way you like. You may have a built-in bar leading right into the pool or an integral part of the pool area outside.

Water and Fire

The aesthetic appeal of this trend has contributed to its recent rise in popularity. It’s possible to do this by adding fire features to backyard pools. Add a fire feature to the space by installing a fireplace or fire pit.

Innovative LED Lighting

Having lights in your pool is essential if you want to use them at night, as they provide visibility. If you install high-tech LED lights around your pool, you’ll have a rainbow of colors to pick from. You may alter your pool’s color at will by installing these lights.

Use Swim Jets to Maximize Your Pool Area

You shouldn’t assume you need a sizable yard to construct a pool. Nowadays, backyard pools come in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate a variety of budgets and space constraints.

If you don’t have enough space for full-sized lanes, installing swim jets will make it easier to get in your laps, regardless of your limited space. That way, you won’t have to leave the house to work out! What, no swimming today? This is certainly not an issue. For leisurely swimming rather than exercise, disable the jets.

Dark-Colored Backyard Pools

The traditional color of swimming pools is light blue, meant to evoke the ocean. But now they’re receiving the ultimate upgrade: the darker color choice. The sun is drawn more to dark colors. In this way, you’ll reduce the expense of heating your.

Replace Chlorine with Saltwater

For a long time, saltwater pools have been one of the most popular options for outdoor recreation. And there are no signs of that changing soon.

In the long run, using salt water to clean will save you money. This is because you won’t have to buy as many expensive chemicals. It’s safer for people with sensitive skin and eliminates the need to stockpile harmful chemicals such as chlorine. Swimming in a saltwater pool may help protect your swimsuit and hair color from fading.

Trends That Are Taking Over Backyard Pools

Premium Materials

The days when homeowners only had a few options for installing their own backyard pools are long gone. Luxurious materials are used in pool design customization to make the best escape possible. When it comes to premium materials, glass and mosaic tiles are now trending. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing and luxurious, the price range is flexible, making them highly desirable options.


At Aqua Guard Pools, it’s not just about the pool in your backyard. It’s not just about the space itself; you want a fully featured outdoor living area so that you may make wonderful memories outdoors. That includes fully loaded backyard pools and an entirely usable and fun space around the pool.

If you do your research and pick a reputable pool builder, you can get the pool of your dreams instead of settling for something less. Are you ready to discuss your plans for your outdoor area with a professional who actually listens to what you have to say? In that case, consult a professional, settle on a killer solution, and prepare to watch your visions come to life.

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