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What is the Difference of Remodeling and Renovation? 

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Companies that specialize in remodeling and renovating pools regularly provide expert services to customers. They’re on a mission to revitalize backyards and swimming pools for families throughout the country.

What is the Difference of Remodeling and Renovation? 

We at Aqua Guard Pools think every home should have a private paradise. Our pool experts will provide any pool remodeling or renovation service you may require, whether it be the installation of new water features, the addition of attractive rock ornamentation, or the completion of a complete resurfacing.

If you have no idea how to begin designing and installing your pool, don’t worry; we’ll be there to help you every step of the way.

What is a Pool renovation?

In the context of pools, the terms “remodeling” and “renovation” are interchangeable and can refer to anything from a major overhaul to the replacement of a few worn parts. The pool is often left unchanged (in terms of size and shape), though it may resurface. Instead, renovation takes place in the space immediately adjacent to the pool.

Why remodel your swimming pool?

Your outdoor pool has been subjected to the elements its whole life. They’ll eventually wear and tear your pool, though. With the scorching summer heat and the icy winter freeze-thaw cycles, your pool takes a beating. Your pool’s appearance will inevitably change after years of exposure to the elements.

For this reason, it’s worth thinking about getting pool remodeling and renovation services. If you want a pool that is easier to maintain and uses less energy, restoring it is a great choice.

We can do anything from minor remodeling to thoroughly renovating your pool.

We can do whatever general or particular remodeling work you need on your pool and complete full overhauls and renovations. Our pool professionals’ most common renovations and renovations are:

Pool deck remodeling

Your pool’s aesthetic value is directly proportional to the quality of the pool deck. Damage from the sun, water, wood rot, or cracks in the deck are all signals that it’s time to update your outdoor living space. When you choose us, we’ll work with you to design a deck that meets all of your needs and complements the look of your yard.


The beauty of your pool might be ruined by one broken tile. The tile may also present a significant risk to your family’s safety, depending on its position. We guarantee a beautiful new look for your swimming pool, whether you need us to retile the raised bond beams, trim, waterline, or spillway.

Replastering and Resurfacing

Swimming pool surfaces eventually deteriorate due to normal use. This can lead to cracking and leaking, in addition to lowering the aesthetic value of your pool. It will make it unpleasant to walk in. Professional replastering and resurfacing treatments are the best and quickest approach to restoring your pool’s aesthetic appeal.

Our expert team will remove the damaged components, prime the surface with a bonding solution, and finally install the new surface material of your choosing. Your pool will shine like it was just built.

Pool Remodeling Services

Extensive work goes into pool remodeling and renovation so that it looks brand new and modern instead of the same old thing. Here’s how we approach the remodeling process:


Taking inventory of your present pool setup is the first step. We’ll take a look at your pool, its accessories, and the pool deck. We’ll consider the drainage, hardscaping, and hardscaping plans for your yard when we design your pool. This will help us create a renovation strategy that is unique to your needs.


Now that we have a strategy, we can begin rebuilding. The pool deck, coping, new tile, and resurfacing are all part of a complete pool rebuild. We will also replace any outdated pool equipment with modern, eco-friendly models.

What is the Difference of Remodeling and Renovation? 

Outdoor Living

There are other considerations besides the pool itself while remodeling your pool. When you hire Aqua Guard Pools for pool remodeling and renovation services, we’ll work with you to design a poolscape that complements your home’s existing architecture while providing you with a comprehensive outdoor living solution. We will attend to every detail, from drainage and lighting to hardscaping and landscaping.

Why choose Aqua Guard Pools for your remodeling and renovation?

Screened porches, shade structures, outdoor kitchens, pool decks, new composite decks, pool houses, and walkways are just a few examples of the new landscape features and elements Aqua Guard Pools may install in addition to renovating your pool. Lighting for the pool and other pool amenities (such as slides, waterfalls, and spas) can be strategically positioned to improve the area’s aesthetic appeal. Get in touch with our professional team today to learn more about our pool remodeling and renovation services.

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